On a daily basis in the U.S., at least 10 people are killed in auto accidents and another 1,000 get injured. Knowing who is at fault and how to protect yourself from fraudulent claims can be an overwhelming and confusing task when it’s also coupled with extracting compensation because of the other driver’s recklessness. When you’re involved in an auto accident, there are things to consider in order to protect yourself. 

How Do I Know If I’m at Fault in a Car Accident?

 At the accident scene, immediately turn your focus to who may have witnessed it. This is one of the most valuable assets you’ll have since they will be a neutral party. The more information you can gather from witnesses at the scene, the less likely it is you will be judged at fault. It also helps your legal counsel, since they can later call those witnesses on your behalf. Also, any pictures you’re able to take care of the extent of damage to all the vehicles can help alleviate any liability on your part.  

What Information Do I Need at a Car Accident to Protect Myself?

Don’t leave it up to the police at the scene to gather all the information you may need. Get the other driver’s personal information for your own records. That should include their insurance information as well as their driver’s license. Write down their name, address, and license number, and note if the license has expired. 

Additionally, gather the name and phone number of any witnesses. Also, when the police are done gathering the information from all parties, they will give you the police report number so you can request a copy once it’s filed. Finally, take pictures of the vehicle damage and any injuries that were sustained, including those of the other driver if they allow you to photograph them. Legal counsel can use all this information on your behalf regarding future medical expenses and in verifying the extent of vehicle damage.  

Can Another Driver Sue Me After an Auto Accident?

The possibility of another driver suing you for damages to their vehicle and injury to themselves can be very high, so it’s extremely important to share your version of the events with the police officers at the scene. If at all possible, record the events on your phone either as a video or audio recording. A legal professional can use this information to defend you against any unwarranted or false claims made by the other driver.


If you’re unsure of what your legal grounds are for liability and compensation for injuries caused in an automobile accident, then calling for a free consultation to get the facts you need from a professional is the only way to insure your peace of mind.

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