Devin T. Jones

Devin T. Jones received his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) in 2008. During his time at ULM, Mr. Jones was named the President of Alpha Phi Sigma a Criminal Justice Honor Society and was a member of Alpha Kappa Delta a Sociology Honor Society. In 2006, he was awarded the Outstanding Accomplishment Award for the College of Arts and Science at ULM.

In 2011, Mr. Jones received a Juris Doctorate with Cum Laude honors distinction and a Civil Law Certificate from Mississippi College School of Law. During his scholastic career at Mississippi College Mr. Jones accomplished:

  • Best Paper Awards – Estate and Gift Taxation; Pre-Trial Practice
  • President – Louisiana Law Society 2010-2011
  • Phi Delta Phi – Law Fraternity
  • Tax Law Clinic

Devin Jones is admitted to practice law in Louisiana and Texas (pending). Mr. Jones was previously commissioned by Governor Jindal as Assistant District Attorney for the Louisiana Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s office served from 2011 to 2016. He has been involved in dozens of jury trials, appeals, and has even testified before the Louisiana Senate Finance Committee, Louisiana House of Representatives Administration of Criminal Justice Committee, and the Louisiana Senate Judicial C Committee. Mr. Jones received his Domestic Violence trial training in Washington, D.C. from United States Department of Justice and has received training in Arson detection and investigation.

Mr. Jones’ concentrates his practice of law on consumer bankruptcy, criminal law, appellate law, personal injury, and trial strategy. He draws on his time as a prosecutor to formulate a trial strategy to best protect his client’s interest regardless of whether it is just filing a bankruptcy or defending individuals charged with crimes or ensuring you are compensated for injuries you received.

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Notable Cases:

State v. Oliphant, 2012-1176 (La. 2013) 113 So.3d 165 – Louisiana Supreme Court rebuked the U.S. Supreme Court holding in Leocal v. Ashcroft and Louisiana Court of Appeals and held vehicular homicide was a defined crime of violence and the near maximum sentence imposed on the defendant was not excessive even though the defendant was a first offender. “No different from a person putting a bullet in a gun, pointing that gun at another human being, pulling the trigger, and killing that person. A gun is a dangerous weapon and so is a motor vehicle in the hands of an intoxicated person, especially one who was as intoxicated as [defendant] on the night of this tragedy.”

State v. Mitchell, 50,188 (La. App. 2 Cir. 11/18/15) 181 So.3d 800 – A detached carport is an inhabited dwelling within the meaning the of the simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling statute.

State v. Thompson, 50,392 (La. App. 2 Cir 2/24/16) 189 So.3d 1139 – Defendant was convicted of stealing $715.00 dollars out of an open safe in a business. His sentence of 36 years at hard labor without benefit as a habitual offender was not excessive considering his 46 arrest and 8 convictions in less than 20 years. Defendant will be parole eligible at 90 years of age.