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Accidents can happen at any time and in any place. Not only at home, but also at your workplace. These are referred to as work-related illnesses or injuries. You are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits if this occurs. Even though this is granted by the compensation laws, some employers constantly deny workers’ compensation claims. Hence, it is crucial to get an Injury Lawyer.

Orum Young Law Personal Injury Attorney can assist you with worker’s compensation claims and provide excellent legal representation. You can trust our skillful attorneys to complete the pertinent paper works for you. Our 35 years of experience handling personal injury cases and other social security concerns allows us to increase your chances of success. If you need help claiming your worker’s comp benefits, don’t hesitate to set an appointment today

Why do I need an Injury Attorney in Louisiana?

Working with an Injury Lawyer benefits louisiana You can legitimately require your employer to pay you certain benefits for the damages you incurred. This includes, but is not limited to, lost wages, medical care, vocational rehabilitation, and others. Choosing the right Injury Attorney is one of the most crucial steps to resolving your case. Thus, take note of the following good qualities that your lawyer must possess: 

  • Strong Dedication. Look for an Injury Attorney who is committed to assisting you in asserting your legal rights. In addition to educating you about the process, your lawyer should assist you in completing the necessary documents to obtain your claims and give the best results.
  • Extensive Experience. In addition to years of studying law, your compensation lawyer must have substantial years of experience in practice. Choose someone who practiced for at least 10 years in the field. This allows compensation lawyers to have a full grasp and deep understanding of worker’s compensation laws.
  • Proven Competence. Check the background of every lawyer at the personal injury law firm. From their years of study to the cases they handled, look for experienced and competent lawyers. This entails lawyers who had various awards in law school, and notable cases handled.

Here at Orum Young Law Personal Injury Attorney, we serve our customers with utmost care and diligence using our extensive years of experience handling cases of Personal Injuries. Orum Young Jr., the founder of E. Orum Young Law, LLC, has been practicing for over 35 years. Devin T. Jones and Joseph Moore obtained numerous awards as students and published various articles. 

In addition to that, they had notable cases settled in the Louisiana Supreme Court, which now became part of the law of the land. Our strong commitment to assisting the community will always be the underlying principle of our excellence. If you need our help, schedule a free consultation now!

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If you have been injured in an accident, you have questions. What is my case worth? How will I pay medical bills? How do I survive financially if I can’t work? Our injury attorneys will take the time to answer those questions and more during a free case evaluation. We will tell you your rights and options and how we get our clients the best possible medical care & maximum compensation.

What is Personal Injury?

If your injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, such as an employee or subcontractor from another company, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation. For example, if you fell down the stairs and it appears that the stairs are already defective, you can sue the company and receive damages for your medical expenses, suffering, pain, and loss of earning capacity.

Another example is when there is a car accident. If driving a vehicle is part of your job and you were involved in an accident, you can legally seek workers’ compensation and, thereby file a third-party claim against the driver who hit you.

Benefits Of Working With An Injury Lawyer

It will be difficult to handle your case without the assistance of a dedicated Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will guide you through the complicated process of compensation law and procedures. Orum Young Law Personal Injury Attorney is well-versed in Louisiana law. The following are the advantages of working with us:

  • Develop Vocational, Medical, and Other Pieces of Evidence. Lack of evidence is a common reason for the denial of workers’ compensation claims. You are less likely to get them if the evidence is insufficient to support every claim you have. An experienced Injury Lawyer will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case and will make every effort to achieve the best possible results.
  • Negotiate Settlement Agreements. When possible, your Injury Lawyer can also negotiate with your employer. Almost all insurance companies’ secrets are known to every injury lawyer. If your lawyer decides that negotiating is the best option, he or she can ensure that the agreement is properly executed to avoid future problems. Furthermore, your attorney can assist you in developing accurate estimates for your future medical expenses. Thus, whether you pursue benefits or reach a settlement with your employer, having an Injury Lawyer is essential.
  • Legal Representation. If your lawyer advised you to claim your workers’ compensation benefits, or if an agreement could not be reached, your lawyer will represent you at the hearing. During this time, your attorney may take witness statements, conduct legal research, gather medical records, and draft pleadings. In court, your lawyer will argue why you should be granted the benefits.
  • Help You on Third-Party Claims and Other Possible Benefits. You may be able to file a personal injury claim if a third party was negligent in causing the injury. Personal injury claims can be more expensive than worker’s compensation claims because they typically include lost earnings. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, your lawyer can advise you on this and other potential benefits.

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There are numerous benefits that you may be eligible for if you are injured at work. However, to obtain them, you must be well-versed in Louisiana’s compensation laws. The procedure may be simple, but handling it alone may have a low chance of success. 

You deserve peace of mind after being injured. Hiring an experienced Injury Lawyer would be prudent. Orum Young Law Personal Injury Attorney can definitely help you obtain your legal benefits. We are strongly committed to providing you with the best legal service possible by maximizing our extensive years of experience and proven competence. If you or someone you know requires any of our services, reach out to us now for a free case evaluation!