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Accident & Personal Injury Attorneys in Monroe, LA

Car Accidents Attorney in Monroe, LA

Car Accidents

Serious injuries can have a lasting impact on your life. Our Monroe car accident attorneys will fight for the compensation you need & deserve.

  • Get legal knowledge
  • Receive insurance money
  • Claim fair compensation
Truck Accidents Attorney in Monroe, LA

Truck Accidents

Accidents affect you physically, emotionally, and financially. Our Louisiana truck accident attorneys can be the voice of your pain and suffering.

  • Prove driver negligence
  • Settle your claim
  • Get paid for damages
Bus Accidents Attorney in Monroe, LA

Bus Accidents

Whether your injuries came from a collision or insufficient safety protocols, our bus accident attorneys in Monroe, LA will look out for your best interests.

  • Face the defense
  • Present your case
  • Fight for your right
Monroe Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injuries

Having broken bones and lacerations is no small deal. Our Monroe personal injury attorneys will get you the justice you deserve.

  • Recover losses
  • Arrive at a good verdict
  • Claim your victory

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Louisiana

Why Hire E. Orum Young Law?

Community-Renowned Lawyers for Life-Improving Outcomes.

At E. Orum Young Law, each of our personal injury attorneys in Monroe, LA has been upholding the rights of our clients and giving them the compensation they deserve since 1982. We know that you have already suffered a great deal and we don’t want to see you face any more losses.

So while most insurance providers would settle for the lowest possible amount or deny your claim outright, our personal injury attorneys will never settle for less. Instead, our accident lawyers will fight for the life-improving outcome you so deserve.

Secure Your Future & Improve Your Quality of Life.

Become part of a group of clients with successful motor vehicle accident settlements and favorable verdicts. File your personal injury claim within the legally-prescribed statute of limitations, claim coverages for your damages, and be able to focus on your healing.

Take the first step toward recovery. Give us a call so we can schedule your case evaluation with one of our Monroe Louisiana Personal Injury Attorneys, for free!

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What Makes Our Personal Injury Attorneys Different?

Compassionate Louisiana Personal Injury Attorneys

Knowledge and Compassion

Our accident and personal injury lawyers understand that victims not only face physical injuries, psychological or emotional distress, or financial turmoil, but also lasting impacts and a long road to recovery. This is why our accident attorneys evaluate each case thoroughly to help you get the fair compensation you deserve.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Louisiana

Proven Track

E. Orum Young Law has been filing injury claims and handling accident cases since 1982. Our Monroe personal injury attorneys have witnessed how vehicular wrecks impact Louisiana households. We are committed to lead you every step of the way until you are transformed from being a victim to becoming a victor.

Louisiana Personal Injury Representation


We care deeply about each client that we serve which is why our doors are open around the clock to provide each victim the legal assistance that he or she needs. We pay close attention to the details of each case and spend time reviewing and evaluating a case to help each client receive the best possible outcome.

Get Compensated for Personal Injury in Louisiana

Smoother Road to Recovery

The road to recovery can seem very long and scary for motor vehicle accident victims. But recovering from your injuries and losses doesn’t have to be too complicated. Let our Monroe personal injury attorneys handle your case & recover the damages you suffered, so you can focus on your personal recovery.

Fight for what you deserve.

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How We Help

What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to suffer in silence or bear your pain alone. You know you need immediate help, which is why you are here. Ask yourself this question: “What do I lose by contacting E Orum Young Law?” That’s right, you lose NOTHING! In fact, you gain help and make the liable party pay for your losses.

If you want a legal representative to help you file your personal injury claim in Monroe, Louisiana, call us or request a free consultation. We will gladly respond to all of your increases and give you all the information you need, free-of-charge!

Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience working with clients who once suffered like you but are now back on their tracks after we fought for their case. Let us help you get back on track and move towards your goal.

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