Blind Spot Accident Attorneys in Monroe, LA

Blind spot accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and can often cause severe damage to both passengers and vehicles. Unfortunately, these types of crashes happen reasonably often in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 840,000 blind spot accidents occur each year. Of these accidents, over 300 of them result in fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a blind spot accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Seek the expertise of a Louisiana car accident attorney in your area to hold negligent drivers accountable and get the justice you deserve.

Types of Blind Spot Accidents

Due to the nature of these accidents, blind spot crashes most commonly occur on the left or right shoulder of the car. These accidents can take place virtually anywhere on the road, including intersections, multi-lane roads, and roundabouts. Some of the most common collisions that occur from a blind spot crash are:

  • Front-to-rear collisions
  • Side-to-side collisions
  • Rollover accidents
  • Cyclist and pedestrian collisions

Blind spot collisions happen for a variety of reasons and results in a range of damages. Understanding the different types of blind spot accidents may help you identify negligent drivers and practice defensive driving. Our trusted blind spot accident attorneys in Monroe, LA can help you get the care and compensation you deserve for your accident injuries in Louisiana.

How to Prevent a Blind Spot Accident

Blind spot accidents happen when a driver has decreased visibility to either side of his car. If a driver does not take appropriate measures when driving, he may not see a vehicle on either side of him when switching lanes or pulling over.

There are several ways for drivers to eliminate blind spots. Eliminating blind spots significantly decreases the likelihood of being involved in a collision. Some techniques include:

  • Properly adjusting rear-view mirrors to get maximum visibility
  • Adjusting left and right side mirrors so that only a small part of your own car is visible
  • Physically turning your head before changing lanes to check for other vehicles
  • Slowing down for drivers entering your lane

Be sure to practice these safe driving tips to reduce your chances of causing a blind spot accident. Unfortunately, you can’t control other drivers’ driving techniques. If you are involved in any blind spot collision, an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney can help you file a claim.

Get the care and compensation you deserve!

If you have been injured in an accident, you have questions. What is my case worth? How will I pay medical bills? How do I survive financially if I can’t work? Our injury attorneys will take the time to answer those questions and more during a free case evaluation. We will tell you your rights and options and how we get our clients the best possible medical care & maximum compensation.

Blind Spot Accident Injuries

Both the speed and size of the vehicles determine the amount of damage done following a blind spot accident. As with most motor vehicle crashes, it’s common to experience some type of injury following the incident. Some common injuries from blind spot collisions are:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Lacerations from broken glass
  • Concussions
  • Internal injuries
  • Whiplash

Any time you are involved in an automobile accident, it’s wise to seek medical treatment immediately. With the help of your lawyer, your future claim may help cover medical costs acquired from the crash.

Who is Liable in a Blind Spot Accident?

Typically, the driver that merged into the blind spot will be held liable for all damages. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine who was at fault during the collision. It’s best to have an accident attorney by your side to protect yourself from the other driver’s claims and their insurance agencies. They can help take the guesswork out of automobile accident suits and protect you from potential payouts.

How Can I Protect Myself After a Blind Spot Accident?

As mentioned before, the best thing you can do after a blind spot collision is to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Our Monroe blind spot accident attorneys at E. Orum Young work side-by-side with victims to help them navigate the legal process and seek compensation. E. Orum Young has over 35 years of experience fighting for justice on behalf of car accident victims. Call us today at (318) 450-6453 to get legal help and file your injury claim today!