18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers in Monroe, LA

Did you know that 90% of 18-wheeler accidents or large truck wrecks are caused by human error? If you have suffered significant injuries after a truck accident, this can be disheartening news., and it’s in your best interest to speak with local 18-wheeler accident lawyers immediately.

While these accidents are highly preventable, they are occurring with greater frequency. Drivers have many distractions available to them, not least of which is a cellular phone. Whether a driver is texting or talking on the phone, his chances of being involved in an accident dramatically increase. Those who are under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol are also much more susceptible to causing an injury accident.

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness behind the wheel, you deserve compensation. Speak with our experienced personal injury attorneys in Monroe, LA to get compensated for your 18-wheeler accident injuries!

Why 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents Happen

Being injured in a large truck accident can have more severe consequences than any other accident. A standard semi truck can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds and are commonly between 70 and 80 feet long.

18-Wheeler Accidents Can Be Fatal

A passenger vehicle is no match for an 18-wheeler. In the majority of truck accidents with passenger cars that resulted in injury, it is the passenger vehicle occupants who face significant trauma, while the truck driver walks away with minor scrapes and cuts. These accidents are extremely serious in nature and can often be deadly.

Trucking Companies Will Try Deny Your Claim

Trucking companies will do everything in their power to weaken your claim, and thus deny you a fair settlement. They have extensive legal resources at their disposal and will block your attempt to seek redress. They will do their best to protect the driver, even if there is evidence that he was at fault for your injuries.

Get Legal Help from 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Do not accept a claim denial and never accept the first settlement offer. Insurance companies are known to purposely lowball settlements for 18-wheeler crash victims who are strapped for cash. Instead, work with an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer today to fight for each cent you deserve.

Get the care and compensation you deserve!

If you have been injured in an accident, you have questions. What is my case worth? How will I pay medical bills? How do I survive financially if I can’t work? Our injury attorneys will take the time to answer those questions and more during a free case evaluation. We will tell you your rights and options and how we get our clients the best possible medical care & maximum compensation.

Get The Best 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

Our experienced attorneys at E. Orum Young have worked tirelessly to uphold your rights during bankruptcy proceedings and can do the same for your personal injury case. We have been your neighborhood attorneys since 1982. We uphold your rights each step of the way and can be a huge asset to your 18-wheeler accident case.

Seek Full Compensation for Your Injuries

If you are currently recovering from a truck accident, know that an attorney with top negotiation skills can maximize your settlement. We can recover damages to cover not just medical bills, but lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage as well. We will appear in court on your behalf should your case be heard in a court of law.

Don’t take the financial risk of draining your savings and assets to cover these expenses. Many times, victims of serious truck accidents sustain injuries that require long-term care, sometimes even for life. You are entitled to compensation for lost wages, unforeseen medical expenses and more.

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