Operating a motor vehicle on a busy highway can sometimes be a scary experience. All motorists need to exercise ample caution any time they’re behind the wheel, but not everyone does that. Everyone has things that make them nervous on the road, from drunk drivers to motorists who can’t resist texting while driving. 

Still, drivers also need to apprehensive about something else: themselves. Statistics tell the entire story here. At least half of all traffic deaths in the U.S. occur from single-car accidents. And the studies show there are many different things that can trigger these vehicle crashes.

What Are Frequent Causes of Single Car Accidents? 

Rollover crashes are one of the most common types of single-car accidents. The majority of fatalities that involve rollovers are due to single-vehicle crashes. Alcohol consumption is in many instances a factor in these crashes. In other instances, these motorists are simply going too fast and lose control due to bad weather or potholes in the road. 


Another frequent problem is with run-off road crashes, which take place after vehicles exit travel lanes. These often occur after vehicles arrive on medians or shoulders, or when a vehicle drifts carelessly off the road and then promptly overturns or collides with something. These road crashes contribute to many single-car accidents. 

Single-Car Accidents Involving Animals in Rural Areas

It’s not unusual in many states for drivers to unintentionally crash into wildlife. They frequently hit moose, elk or deer when they’re on the road, and these animals can cause damage to the vehicles due to their weight. White-tailed deer are not as fragile as they may initially seem. Male adult white-tailed deer typically weigh more than 200 pounds. Female adult white-tailed deer, on the other hand, frequently weigh around 150 pounds. Vehicles that experience collisions with these animals can suffer a significant degree of harm and damage. 

What Should You Do Right After a Single-Car Crash?

It can be hard for people to quickly know how best to deal with a single-car accident. People who experience crashes that don’t involve other vehicles should understand that they need to respond instantly. They need to evaluate any physical traumas they may have suffered, and determine whether they’re bleeding. They should figure out whether they can move their vehicle without assistance from a tow truck. 


It’s also important to call the police after a single-vehicle crash to get an official record of what happened and to be aware of what caused it, such as a large pothole in the road or another driver who acted carelessly. As part of getting an official record of the accident, take photos at the scene and record any problems you notice on that highway. 

That’s also going to be important in determining whether your insurance will cover a single-car accident and pay for the damage to your car. It’s also important to consider the benefits of finding an experienced car accident attorney to assist you. 

Hurt in a Single-Car Accident in Louisiana? Know Your Legal Options

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