The roads and highways of Louisiana are saturated with commercial trucks, which increases the risk of accidents involving these large vehicles. In addition to leading to serious consequences for those involved in the crash, large truck accidents can be difficult to resolve legally. Trucks are commercial vehicles that typically have large insurance companies representing them. 


However, those insurance companies will immediately start working to deny you the compensation you deserve. The victims of truck accidents and their families need to immediately consider the benefits of finding experienced truck accident attorneys to assist them. 

How common are truck crashes in Louisiana?

According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3,500 commercial truck accidents occurred in Louisiana in recent years. Among these crashes, 100 resulted in at least one fatality and more than 3,000 others caused some type of personal injury. Roughly 80 percent of the reported accidents were collisions involving more than one vehicle. Commercial truck accidents can result from a number of factors, including speeding, mechanical failure, and driver fatigue.  

What happens after a commercial truck accident happens?

Crashes involving commercial trucks can be complex when it comes to determining who is legally culpable for the accidents themselves and the ensuing damages. This is true even though Louisiana is an “at fault” state, meaning the insurance carrier of the driver who was responsible for an accident is responsible for covering damages. 


In the case of the insurance providers that cover truck companies and their drivers, however, there may be serious attempts by the other side to challenge the damages being sought. Additionally, the minimum insurance coverage requirements in Louisiana may not be sufficient to cover the damages incurred. It may be necessary for the victims of truck accidents to challenge more than one insurance provider.  

What compensation are you due after a Truck Accident?

After a crash involving a commercial truck, monetary damages may be sought to cover medical expenses and lost wages, and as compensation for the other consequences of a commercial truck accident, including pain and suffering related to a physical injury. 


However, a successful case will require you to have solid evidence to back up the facts of the case. That’s why it’s important to have proper legal representation every step of the way. Attorneys understand the law and can level the playing field between individuals and insurance companies, and will strive for the best possible outcome in the cases they handle. 


Experienced and Dedicated Louisiana Truck Accident Attorneys

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