Hurricane season is still in effect from now until the end of November. Here in Louisiana, it may feel as though we’re past the worst at this tumultuous time of year, but we still have a couple of weeks left. While preparing for a bad storm, or perhaps in the wake of one, you might wonder what protections you have from damages incurred during a hurricane.

Most turn to their insurance policies to answer this question. Understanding the language in your policy can often get a little confusing, though, so it’s good to know what’s standard for hurricane coverage, and what to do when facing damages.

Will My Car Insurance Cover Damage from a Hurricane?

Most car insurance policies do provide a certain level of protection from water damage due to flooding and hurricane events under comprehensive coverage. To have “full coverage,” you’ll need to have two types of insurance – collision + comprehensive. Usually, comprehensive is only available in conjunction with collision coverage. If you want your car covered for anything outside of crashing into another vehicle or object, be sure to include comprehensive coverage.

Without comprehensive insurance, you won’t be able to file a claim for anything related to the weather. You may have to personally pay for repairs from water and hurricane damage, which can be costly.  

What Should I Do If My Vehicle is Damaged During a Hurricane?

In the unfortunate event that you’re facing water damage from a hurricane, you’ll want to document the scene right away. Take photos of the damage and carefully detail the extent of that damage before moving your vehicle. These photos and your documentation will be important in determining whether your insurance will compensate you for the loss.

File a comprehensive insurance claim and be prepared to be asked to pay a deductible before repairs. It’s a good idea to consider how much of a deductible you can afford when shopping for car insurance policies. It’s an even better idea to consider the benefits of finding an experienced car accident attorney to assist you in this process. Many times, insurance companies will often recommend a low first offer to save them money on your claim. Because of this, negotiation is required.

Will Filing a Comprehensive Insurance Claim Raise My Yearly Rate?

In Louisiana, comprehensive insurance claims typically won’t raise your rates by much. The amount is usually a small percentage per year. Because you’re not at fault and a storm is something out of your control, you won’t be penalized for using comprehensive insurance coverage like you would if you caused the damage.

Experienced and Dedicated Louisiana Car Accident Attorney

Hurricane season can feel unsettling. You never know what can happen or how things will turn out after the storm’s passed. Victims who find their car wrecked from a hurricane can find the help they need by contacting the Law Offices of E. Orum Young. Their attorneys understand the frustrations that hurricane damage to your vehicle can cause. If you’re the victim of car wreckage from hurricane season, there’s no better time than now to contact a law firm you can trust.

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