A car accident, no matter the details, is an extremely unfortunate situation. For some drivers, however, the situation worsens when they find themselves facing a lawsuit. 

If you’re being sued as the result of a car accident, chances are you’re very worried about what to do. Here are a few tips you can follow to eliminate the stress associated with this situation and take control of the outcome.

Understand the Laws

As soon as you’re informed of a lawsuit, the best thing you can do is to brush up on the laws associated with car insurance and car accidents in your state. In Louisiana, it’s crucial to understand that the driver at fault in the accident is the one responsible for the associated costs. Likewise, it’s required that all drivers carry at least liability insurance on their vehicle in the limits of 15/30/25.

Another relevant law is if you carry auto insurance, it’s the job of your insurance company to defend you in a lawsuit. Understand that the purpose of the insurance company defending you is to ensure that they pay out as little as possible for your claim, and not to clear your name of any charges. By understanding these and other basic laws regarding auto insurance and accidents, you stand a better chance of strengthening your defense.

Gather Evidence

In a car accident lawsuit, one of the most important things for your case is proof of who was at fault. The most basic piece of evidence you’ll need is a police report. If you are being sued, however, it’s likely the police report won’t provide the insurance company with enough information to determine fault. In that case, any other evidence you can provide — such as information regarding weather conditions, witness statements, and photos from the accident scene — will prove beneficial. Before you gather information and evidence, consult with your attorney or insurance company about what they believe is needed. They may even go about gathering the evidence for you.

Hire an Experienced Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney

When you are navigating any legal situation, it’s always a good idea to seek the counsel of a trusted attorney. In the case of a car accident-related lawsuit, hiring a trusted attorney is even more critical, especially if personal injury or legal charges are involved. 

The trusted professionals at E. Orum Young Law understand the auto insurance industry, the legal implications of an insurance-related lawsuit, and what it takes to win you the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries, lost wages, or other issues associated with the accident. Our office has more than 30 years of experience navigating personal injury cases and will use that experience to work for you.

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