Truck accidents are the most dangerous vehicular accidents you could get in. With a fully loaded big rig weighing up to 80,000 lbs and a traditional passenger vehicle weighing roughly 4,000 pounds, one could imagine the type of damage a collision would inflict. Take into consideration that a large percentage of truck-to-car accidents occur on highways and the potential danger of such collisions becomes clear, but who or what is to blame for these accidents? Join us as we explore the top five causes of truck accidents.

Improper Maintenance

Louisiana drivers average roughly 9,000 commuting miles a year. The average truck driver would likely travel that same distance in a month. With that said, their trucks are put under immense stress and must be maintained appropriately to ensure a safe commute. Drivers, maintenance crews, and trucking companies have a responsibility of ensuring that issues like worn out brake pads and cracked windshields are addressed promptly. When they fail to do so, the potential for an accident drastically increases.

Equipment Failure

Equipment failure is often the result of improper maintenance, but multiple parties can be held liable. The manufacturer of the equipment could have made a flaw in product production, while the trucking company who sold the truck could have knowingly sold a faulty vehicle, or the mechanic failed to address prominent issues. All of these instances can be the reason behind a life-altering truck accident.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

The trucking industry has regulations as to how cargo should be loaded onto a flatbed or into a cabin. It is not unlikely for a trucker to overpack or forget to secure a load as he rushes to meet a delivery deadline. Such instances have resulted in life-threatening accidents.

Trucker Error

Truckers have the responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and within the confinements of the law just like any other driver on the road. When truckers drive drowsy, reckless, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they pose a threat to all commuters. Although it is not the most common cause of truck accidents, it is highly plausible.

Poor Weather

The weather affects us all when driving. Whether it be snow, rain, fog, or any other form of inclement weather, truckers are responsible for considering road conditions and operating their vehicles accordingly. When they choose not to, and an accident happens, they can be found at fault.
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