The truck driving industry is the blood sweat and tears of the U.S. With over 35 million truck drivers across the states, over 70% of truck tonnage, and bulk is moved daily within the nation. Truck drivers handle initial shipments, contribute long exhausting hours to their profession and have become an essential part of the country’s never-ending operations. Like many other driving professions, there are rules in place meant to keep not only the truck drivers safe but fellow commuters as well.

Trucks Drivers Recording False Numbers During Long Drives

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in 2014, the installment of electronic logging devices (ELDs) was proposed for all drivers so that law enforcement officials can review driving history in the event commercial vehicles should collide. The ELDs are meant to monitor speed, driving hours, and even allow an investigation as to how an accident occurred if a truck driver were to do something like fall asleep at the wheel. Although some truck drivers have these unique devices in place already, not all have hopped on the bandwagon. Many drivers to this day are cheating the system by documenting false miles and numbers into their paper logs. Why are these truck drivers turning their heads to the system? There are a few flaws in place.

Truck Drivers Left With No Options But to Cheat The Electronic System

Even though some truck drivers have their ELDs in place, others have admitted to altering their numbers due to:

  • Being forced to sign a lease to own contract. These contract often leave drivers in debt to their employers requiring more hours to pay their dues.
  • Monthly truck maintenance. This maintenance can cost well into the thousands rendering drivers helpless.
  • Lack of knowledge from employers. Many drivers fall into situations where their supervisor does not appropriately address their concerns. Employers turn their heads the other way and if the drivers cannot comply with the rules, they are at risk of being fired.

Using E-Logs to Pave The Way For America’s Safety

Trucker safety is very important and various corporations are not considering that.  Whether drivers are not adhering to the rules of the road due to finances, lack of options or sheer laziness, everyone within the trucking industry must come to a universal consensus on these devices, and they must be held accountable. By December 16, 2019, all truck motor vehicles are required to have their ELDs certified, registered and ready for use.  Statistics from the Center for Truck and Bus Safety of Virginia Tech Transportation Institute show that drivers utilizing E-logs had an 11.7% reduction in crash rates and increased preventable crash rates by 5.1 % comparatively to trucks without said equipment. That level of safety is just too valued to turn a blind eye.  The bottom line is that an electronic logging device could save you or your loved one’s life.

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