Once school is out and winter vacation is in full swing, living in warmer climates, like the deep south of Louisiana can create driving dangers as the population of snowbirds (northerners that migrate down to the more temperate states typically between the ages of 60-80) increases. The larger the flock of these elderly drivers, the higher the chances of getting into an automobile accident. Being conscious of ways to prevent the risk of a car crash is essential to making it through the holiday season accident-free.

Snowbirds Increase Risk of Car Collisions  

How do snowbirds play a role in the annual increase of vehicular damage?

  • Not being accustomed to the roads- Snowbirds that haven’t grown accustomed to navigating the fast flying city streets and freeways pose a great danger to Louisiana natives who know the roads.
  • Distracted driving- From various famous landmarks to hiking trails that can be viewed and taken pictures of from the car, cell phone use is one of the many ways snowbirds can become distracted while driving.
  • GPS dependence- Snowbirds rely on a GPS system that gives directions that are not always accurate. This factor increases the possibility of an uncertain snowbird going the wrong way and being directed straight into a collision.

Louisiana Navigation Strategies During The Migration

There is an undoubted correlation between snowbirds and Louisiana car accidents within the time frame of November to March. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), drivers over the age of 55 were at fault for 24.54% of car accidents in 2014. The elderly are credited with the highest percentage of crashes and also are the majority of snowbirds.

The idea of leaving your home and having an increased chance of getting into a car accident with your family present can be a bit disconcerting. Here are a few ways to prevent yourself from getting into a snowbird collision in Louisiana:

  • Be aware of your environment- Do not allow yourself to be distracted by your cell phone, music or anything else. Keep a clear, focused mind on the street to be able to steer clear of hazardous situations if they become present.
  • Listen for highway traffic in your area- Before leaving your home for work or a fun day with the family, listen out for accidents that have already occurred in your area. That way you can direct yourself away from the traffic and road pileups that may place your car in a similar situation.
  • Find a new path- You can avoid snowbirds who follow the GPS’ main road directions by taking alternate back roads.

These methods can help keep you safe and accident-free. Should you get into an accident with a snowbird, get in touch with a Louisiana personal injury attorney. E. Orum Young Law Offices provides a vast spectrum of legal services meant to assist you in your rights and forms of compensation you may be entitled to. Our Trial Guarantee ensures that we will take your case to trial per your request. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.