As of early March 2013, Louisiana was named one of the worst states for everyday commuters. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of mega-commuters (people who make 90-minute drives that are 50 miles or more) within Louisiana totaled an average of 13%. That is more than the national U.S. average of 1%. The number of mega-commuters within Louisiana surpassed that of major cities such as San Francisco, New York, and even Washington D.C.  These statistics portray that drivers, whether in passing or on their regular commute, have an increased chance of getting into an accident here than most other states, which is why driving in Louisiana requires a hint of precaution.

Population and Road Saturation

Carpooling can go a long way, but it appears that the idea of sharing a car is less than favorable for Louisiana natives. With a statewide population of 4,601,893, nearly 85% of Baton Rouge area commuters, 84% in the Lafayette region, and 79% in the New Orleans metro region drive alone to work. These statistics explain why so many vehicles are on the roads simultaneously, thus increasing the chance of a car accident occurring.

Lack of Work Availability to Longer Commutes

Many jobs in Louisiana require a specialty in various departments such as oil drilling. Finding work in such a niche field can be difficult for those who have that unique skill. As a result, individuals in this trade must travel around, which is the case for many Louisiana laborers. Working far from home means longer commutes, and longer commutes lead to more time on the road and higher accident risks.

Everyday Distractions and Louisiana Car Crashes

With road congestion, there’s an increased chance of becoming stuck in traffic. This can cause driving distractions like listening to music, putting on make-up, cell phone use, and many others. When traffic slows or multiple lanes merge into one, temperaments tend to rise to an all-time high, potentially leading to road rage and fatal car accidents. Caution is certainly warranted, so if you’re driving in Louisiana, always remember to keep calm and move on.

Avoid Becoming a Car Accident Victim

Here are some methods to avoid potential accidents during long commutes:

  • Pay close attention to drivers around you. Avoid and stand clear of drivers who are being reckless.
  • Leave your home an hour earlier. Giving yourself extra time to get to work can help you avoid traffic build-up and stress.
  • Check blind spots before switching lanes.
  • Do not take part in road rage, it is not worth it.
  • Carpool; this is an effective way to save money, time, and gas.
  • Take more public transportation. Bus, taxi, and, ferry services are offered statewide.
  • Always wear a seatbelt.
  • Conduct routine car checkups to ensure vehicle efficiency.
  • Think ahead of traffic. Download traffic apps like Waze to avoid the crazy congestion.

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