As omnipresent as social media is these days, the best thing to do most of the time is just lay low. It’s important to understand that whenever you make a car accident claim, there particular parameters to follow. This is not to imply you’re “acting” or “faking it,” but there is a careful public persona that must be maintained.

Social media gives anyone with access to our profiles free reign to see how we’re feeling or thinking in regards to an issue. If you’re involved in a lawsuit, be aware that insurance companies employ insurance claim investigators, and they are very good at exposing people who aren’t as hurt as they claim to be. Here are a few ways social media can hurt your car accident claim before it gets off the ground.

Admission of Guilt

Intentionally or unintentionally admitting fault in an accident will leave your case dead in the water. Most people don’t use social media to make admissions written in legalese, but even seemingly innocuous posts about an issue can make things appear much worse, especially for your case. For example, if you state “Got into a bad accident” on one of your profiles, an investigator can still find it and use it against you in an accident case. Your best bet is to not say anything at all.

All Apologies

Guilt is a powerful thing, but it’s not something you can let slip on social media. While apologizing may seem like the right thing to do, it’s never the right thing to do on social media. Your best bet is to keep all comments to yourself. Even after a case concludes, making statements could open yourself up to further legal action from other involved parties. Not making a statement doesn’t really affect your side either way, so when in doubt, just say nothing at all, especially on social media.

No Videos, No Pictures

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s almost always a good idea to document the scene of the crash. Pictures, videos, statements– all of these are great to capture; however, they should never be posted freely on social media. Always ensure that you share them with your legal counsel and no one else. For obvious reasons, any pictures or videos you publicly disseminate can be used against you, as there is no reasonable expectation of privacy if you make those photos publicly available for all to see.

Hiring the Right Car Accident Claim Lawyer

If you’re involved in an accident, whether social media plays a role or not, you need the right legal representation. The team of lawyers at E. Orum Young Law has been serving the people of Louisiana for over 35 years. Their team will be able to advise and guide you throughout the entire legal process and can answer any and all questions regarding the impact of social media on your car accident claim.

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