When people think of Louisiana, they might think of the delicious cuisine, its vibrant nightlife, or even its sports teams; however, as far as being a top-15 state for car accidents, that’s not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. As the thirteenth deadliest state for car accidents, Louisiana’s sprawling interstate system is among the most high-risk for drivers, both commercially and non-commercially. Chief among its deadliest roads, US 90 is more than just the most-travelled road in Louisiana—it also happens to be the state’s deadliest on average, according to GeoTab.

Where is the State’s Deadliest Highway?

Across the sprawling east-west expanse of the state, US 90 runs almost 310 miles; but, where along the highway route should drivers be most cautious?

According to HoumaToday via the same study by GeoTab, three parishes in particular saw the most car accidents. These parishes included St. Mary, Iberia, and St. Charles.

Kevin Belanger, the CEO of the South Central Planning Commission in Gray, LA,  states that many of these accidents are occurring largely because the access points along the highway aren’t well-controlled.

The most common accidents—immediate braking, rear-ends, and side collisions—are indicative of how the rampant and uncontrolled access points are leading to crashes, as well as fatalities. On average, data indicates that there are about 27 fatal car accidents every year.

Is There An End In Sight?

Belanger’s conclusions regarding the deadly nature of US 90 aren’t lost on those responsible for ensuring the state’s infrastructure stays intact. In addition to private businesses, the state government has been working hard to expand renovation to the roadways, in addition to adding amenities such as J-turns to allow for easier points of exit and entry on and off the roadway.

As it stands, acquiring the necessary funds is the only roadblock standing in the way of a new roadway project. With combined costs just shy of a billion dollars by 2021 for the prospective construction projects, a precise source of funding is unknown, but regardless, a timetable stille exits.

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