A person who has become injured in a car accident through no fault of her own should retain an attorney to pursue a car accident claim. It’s equally important to know what steps to take to prove your case. Since legal matters can take time to process, a court will assess a variety of factors that include events that happen after the accident. When the individual is waiting for a settlement, there are a few ways that their case can lose value.

Factors that Can Devalue a Car Accident Claim

Generally, eight circumstances can lead to your case losing monetary value. These are things you should avoid doing during a personal injury case so that you can ensure you get the maximum settlement for your medical expenses and other damages. Keep these elements in mind as you wait for your day in court:

  • Gaps in treatment – If a person waits too long to see a doctor to receive medical treatment, it sends a message that their injury is not as severe as they claim. Insurance companies often take this as a sign that they can offer the plaintiff a lower settlement amount.
  • Unreasonable expectations – If your case goes to trial, Louisiana juries may be relatively conservative when calculating damages for pain and suffering. Likewise, the insurance company might provide an amount that is far lower than what you deserve, which is why you should retain a lawyer to protect your interests.
  • Ignoring injuries – The worst thing a person can do is to ignore their injuries. Not only does it potentially exacerbate their condition, but it can also result in the insurance company not believing they are legitimately injured.
  • Declaring bankruptcy – If a person who is a plaintiff in a personal injury case declares bankruptcy either before or after receiving a settlement, it can lead to them losing that money. Settling any fiscal accounts is the best way to retain an agreement.
  • Missing appointments – A person should never miss doctor’s appointments after being involved in an auto accident. If they do, the healthcare provider makes a note of it in the medical records and this information gets back to the insurance company.
  • Overshare with doctors – A person should never overshare information with doctors or other healthcare professionals. Any facts you share end up in medical records and can be viewed by the insurance company.
  • Overshare on social media – An injured individual should never overshare information on social media as it can be used against them and lower their settlement.
  • Not hiring an attorney – An injured person who starts a personal injury case should never try to represent themselves. Hiring a Louisiana car accident attorney is the best course of action and can only help get them the best possible settlement amount.

Call a Legal Expert for Personalized Advice

Each situation is different and requires the expertise of someone in the legal field. A personal injury lawyer can take a look at your circumstances and make a recommendation based on their sound experience. Louisiana personal injury attorneys at E. Orum Young have decades of experience representing plaintiffs in these types of cases. Call (318) 450-6453 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.