As a victim of any disaster, it’s likely that you’re now facing medical treatment that is extensive and expensive. Besides, losing work or being unable to work due to an injury can cause a major upheaval in a person’s life. You can seek redress for all of those issues, plus pain and suffering, through a court of law. But no matter how terrible your accident is, making a mistake during the legal process can cause you to end up with nothing.

Whether you’re in a car accident, have a slip and fall, or are involved in a pedestrian accident, these rules are pretty much the same. If you’re injured in an accident and end up filing suit against a guilty party to obtain damages and compensation, keep these guidelines in mind while the trial is going on.

Don’t Talk About the Case

You’ll speak to many people when filing an injury claim, ranging from lawyers to insurance adjusters. Keep your story consistent and truthful, and don’t vary your account of the events. If you begin to exaggerate or change your account, the court will know that you are not being honest about the case and may decide to dismiss it altogether.

Avoid Talking to Non-Associated Parties

It’s crucial to never discuss case details with anyone except your attorney. Talking to non-associated parties will increase the chance that the other party will obtain vital information to your case.

Going on Social Media is a Bad Idea

Plaintiffs may be tempted to update their loved ones and air grievances on social media. However, whatever you post could be used against you, so it’s important not to share or discuss any vital details online.

Finish Rehabilitation Before Filing a Case

Your attorney may advise you to complete any rehabilitation before filing a claim if you’re expected to make a full recovery. If the rehab extends beyond the statute of limitations, they may go ahead with the process regardless, but you should try to complete any medical necessities before going in front of a judge.

Stick to a Reasonable Settlement Amount

You should be realistic when seeking a settlement since you are asking for compensation for lost money. Your attorney needs to calculate a reasonable amount, because not only must the other side agree to it, but the jury can only award damages that are reasonable.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Following your doctor’s orders to the letter is imperative since they provide the steps necessary to make a successful recovery. Failure to comply will be used by the other side to claim your injuries aren’t as severe as you allege.

Obtain an Attorney Immediately

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is paramount to a successful outcome. Once your case is started, they will gather evidence, prove liability, and can negotiate a fair settlement, possibly  without even having to file a lawsuit at all.

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