It’s no secret that driving in the rain is dangerous. Of course, that doesn’t keep people off of the roads. Sometimes, you need to get somewhere, whatever the weather. It’s crucial in this case to be as careful as possible to avoid causing an accident. Statistics show that rain is the deadliest type of driving weather – primarily because the water, the fog, and the rain itself causes poor visibility. If you have to get in your vehicle and push through a rainstorm, stay vigilant and check out the following safety tips to avoid car accidents in the rainfall.

Preventing Accidents in Inclement Weather

Before you even begin driving, make sure that that your entire vehicle is in proper working order. Make sure all of your lights, brakes, and pedals are fully functioning. If you haven’t had your tires checked for a while, you might want to avoid going out in severe weather without checking and adding air as needed. Also change your windshield wipers so that they clear your windshield with one swipe.

While driving, keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. Keep your focus on the road and pay attention to the vehicles and pedestrians around you. If you’re likely to get distracted, turn off your music and put away your cell phone so that you can get where you need to go safely.

Slow down during rain. Motorists need to have a distance of around five seconds between them and the car ahead. Giving everyone the right amount of spaces also gives you more time to brake safely. Braking too quickly in the rain could cause the vehicle to slide and crash.

Wet roads can be slick, so it’s crucial that drivers adhere to the speed limit, or they end up in a collision with pedestrians or other cars. Be aware of larger vehicles–the force of big trucks driving through puddles can cause hydroplaning. Additionally, keep an eye out for standing water. Driving through it could also cause your car to hydroplane.

Turn on your headlights, even during a light rain, to let the other drivers see where they are easily. Use your windshield wipers so that you can see the location of the other cars.

What to do After an Accident

If you don’t feel comfortable driving in severe weather, it’s best to avoid it as much as possible. If you do end up in an accident, the first thing to do is call the local authorities to the scene. Police will create a report and decide who is at fault. The police report will be relevant in case any other drivers choose to seek legal recourse against you.

If the worst happens, call in an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney. These lawyers are trained to deal with insurance companies. Also, a reputable firm will have a team of investigators that will fight to prove that the accident was caused by weather, rather than poor driving.

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