Car accidents are stressful. Aside from the emotional challenge involved with the accident itself, the ensuing damages—both tangible and intangible—can make the circumstances seem even more overwhelming for you. Rather than trying to handle medical expenses, lost wages, or other damages out of pocket, a personal injury attorney in Louisiana can help you get compensation from the other party (or parties) who were negligent in your case.

Ambulance Costs

When you’re hurt in an accident, to the extent that you require medical transportation, you’ll be charged for those expenses. If another party was culpably negligent and responsible for causing the accident, you may be entitled to compensation, particularly for ambulance or medical transportation costs. A car accident claims lawyer can argue and prove these claims in court on your behalf; if successful, those expenses can be reimbursed from the negligent party.

Immediate Costs

Whenever you check into a clinic or hospital, costs are levied for your care and overnight stays. Aside from the transportation costs, you’ll be expected to cover these expenses as well. A car accident lawyer can work to retroactively cover those bills if you’re able to prove in court that the other party was responsible for the injuries that forced you to seek treatment in a hospital.

Ongoing Cost of Care

If you’re injured and require long-term therapy or medical care, another party may be responsible. This could result in that party paying the costs for the required length of your hospitalization. Duration of payments and disbursement will be something a judge can discuss in greater depth, but being compensated for the damages of another party is certainly something a car accident lawyer can work to ensure.

Lost Wages and Lost Potential Earnings

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Losing out on even a single check can make or break a family. A lawyer will ensure that not only will you be rightfully compensated, but you will also be able to make up for lost wages that you’re otherwise owed.

Aside from just lost wages, you could reclaim compensation for lost potential earnings which could include the following:

  • A traumatic brain injury preventing a police officer from working
  • Paralysis preventing a carpenter from standing
  • Hand and finger injuries preventing a writer from typing

Those are just a few examples, but they illustrate how injuries related to a car accident can directly affect your ability to earn a living, regardless of what your job is. To have a better chance of receiving compensation for these injuries, it’s best to hire a Louisiana car accident attorney.

Cover Yourself With a Car Accident Attorney

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