Car accidents are considered accidents due to their unsuspecting nature. They cannot be planned for and redirect all of your attention to the matter at hand. Calling the police and logging the other individual’s insurance information is only the beginning. After they clear the scene and the debris is swept up, there is still plenty to deal with as a car accident victim.

Loss of Transportation

If even for a short period, a loss of transportation is very likely. Vehicles are commonly totaled in dangerous high-speed collisions, and excessive body damage can even result from low-speed collisions. Either instance leaves you without transportation.

For someone who is used to driving, life without a car can be tough. You can no longer get up and go as you please. Instead, you must abide by the bus schedule and spend countless dollars on taxi services.

Cost of Vehicle Repair

If your car survived the accident, it would likely need work done. Not only are you inconvenienced by not having transportation, you would likely have a hefty repair bill to look forward to as well. This is in addition to any traffic tickets you may have received at the scene of the accident. All of the incurred charges of a car accident can be overwhelming and leave you in dire need of financial resources.

Managing Short and Long-Term Injuries

Suffering an injury is an unfortunate possibility when involved in car accident. Your injuries may require immediate medical attention and an extensive hospital stay in extreme instances. Even in comparatively minor accidents, head and neck injuries are still a major possibility. You may have to miss work and seek treatment to tend to such injuries, further interrupting your day-to-day life.

Inflicted Emotional Distress

Emotional scarring is not an uncommon result of a car accident. Car accidents are extremely traumatic experiences and can have a lifelong impact on everyone involved. Simply thinking about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle again can be enough to cause immediate stress. You deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering.

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