Large truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods across the nation. They are also expected to operate their vehicles in a manner that keeps all commuters out of harm’s way. It is vital that truck drivers do so when operating 18-wheelers, as these vehicles have the potential to cause considerable damage. Here are a few safe driving tips for truckers.

Rest Up

Truckers are allowed to drive up to 11 hours in one single commute. These long stretches increase the risks for truck drivers to become drowsy during their travels. A tired truck driver poses a significant danger to fellow commuters, as he is likely to drift out of his lane and strike another vehicle.

Eighteen-wheeler drivers operate on strict schedules, making drowsy driving a widespread issue. Not only is drowsy driving dangerous, but it violates guidelines set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Many truck drivers have admitted to breaking the allowed time on the road without rest, claiming that it is common and necessary in some cases.

Avoid Narrow Roads

An experienced 18-wheeler driver knows that it is challenging to navigate narrow streets. The massive trailer of large trucks can make a sharp turn on a narrow path a daunting task. The truck driver must veer away from the curb initially when making a right turn to allow space for the trailer.

A trucker is likely to come face-to-face with a vehicle when making a turn on tight roads, possibly causing an accident and interrupting traffic flow. A truck driver can avoid such an instance by taking the time to outline the safest and most efficient path, before getting behind the wheel.

Commute in the Slow Lane

Large trucks like 18-wheelers can become a significant disruption to interstate traffic if they choose to travel in the wrong lane. Oftentimes, you can catch a truck driver switching into the middle or far left lane to pass a slow-moving vehicle. It may seem like the best option for them, but it disrupts the entire flow of traffic.

Cars are forced to navigate around the ironically slow-moving 18-wheeler by passing it on either side. This can be very risky as 18-wheelers have large blind spots that passenger vehicles are forced to commute in when passing a large truck. A major accident is likely to occur if a driver decides to switch lanes while another vehicle is traveling in a blind spot.

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