Large truck drivers have major responsibilities when sharing the road with passenger vehicles. The massive nature of their vehicles requires them to take certain precautions to ensure the safety of all commuters. Seemingly simple maneuvers like making a right turn and switching lanes require a level of attention that not all truck drivers possess. One overcorrection or miscalculation can be enough to cause a serious large truck accident.


Jackknifing is when a truck is “folded,” meaning that the cabin and the trailer become parallel. Jackknifing is extremely dangerous, as the truck driver loses complete control of the vehicle and there is no safe way to return the large truck back to its natural position. What usually happens is that a trucker is forced to make a sudden stop and jerk the wheel in one direction to avoid a collision. The trailer then continues to travel forward as the momentum forces the truck to “bend.” When traveling at high speeds, jackknifing often leads to the trailer flipping over, forcing the cabin to follow suit.

Overload Accidents

Large trucks have engines six times the size of regular passenger vehicles. This allows them to carry such hefty loads and still keep up with interstate traffic. There are unique instances when trucking companies receive permits to carry heavier loads depending on shipment needs and time constraints. Such immense loads add to a fully packed truck weighing up to 80,000 lbs. In the event of a large truck accident, these massive loads are spilled into the streets, endangering all fellow commuters.

Under Ride Accidents

An under ride accident occurs when a passenger vehicle comes in contact with the trailer of a large truck. The most common occurrence is when a large truck comes to a sudden stop, causing the car traveling behind it to slam into the trailer. The point of contact in such accidents is usually the windshield of the passenger vehicle, which can result in life-threatening injuries contingent on the rate of speed.

There are many types of large truck accidents, but what is common throughout them all is the level of danger they possess. When you are injured in a large truck accident, you are left responsible for the damages to your vehicle, not to mention the incurred medical bills. Get the compensation you deserve when you acquire the legal services of an experienced truck accident attorney.

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