When an Uber or Lyft driver gets into a car accident, it is essential to figure out how to approach the situation. If the driver lives in a no-fault state, the insurance company pays for the damage regardless of who is at fault. In Louisiana, which is an at-fault state, authorities assign blame to a driver in a car accident.

If you’re caught at the center of a mishap that causes damage, there are serious consequences, aside from just the costs. For Uber and Lyft drivers, there’s a fear of job loss, higher insurance rates, and the possibility of a lawsuit. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with rideshare accidents.

What to Do in a Rideshare Crash

Both Uber and Lyft provide their drivers with clear directions with steps to take immediately after an accident. The motorist must call 911, stay to complete a police report, and get medical help for passengers that sustained injuries. Afterward, the corporate team reaches out to the customers involved and exchanges insurance information.

As the one operating the vehicle, here are a few additional things you can do to protect yourself after an accident:

  1. Always stay at the scene
  2. Give every detail you can remember to the police
  3. Don’t lie to authorities
  4. Take pictures of every aspect at the scene
  5. Get witness names and contact information
  6. Talk to the passenger and exchange information
  7. Write down vehicle details, like license plates and registration numbers
  8. Take notes and write down facts about what happened for your records
  9. Speak to your rideshare company right away and provide them with a detailed account

Uber and Lyft have insurance plans that provide injured passengers with up to $50,000 per person. You should contact your insurer after the accident as well and let them know about the collision. Withholding information from these institutions can cause legal problems for you later on.

For Passengers in an Uber or Lyft Accident

If you’re a passenger and the rideshare suddenly crashes, Uber or Lyft’s insurance policies will cover injuries and other damages. These large corporations often offer settlements and deals for passengers involved in a crash because they want to pay as little as possible and protect themselves from further legal battles.

It’s vital to consult a lawyer before agreeing to any amount from a rideshare company. Injuries from car accidents can last for months, if not years. Some require continuous physical therapy or medication, so it’s essential you wait long enough to receive a firm medical diagnosis. Then, speak to a lawyer who is happy to fight for your rights and make sure you’re fairly compensated.

Call a Louisiana Car Wreck Attorney

After receiving medical care for a car accident, your next step is to contact an experienced lawyer. Call the Law Offices of E. Orum Young at 318-450-6453 or schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney. As a driver, you don’t have the same coverage as your passengers do. With more than 35 years of experience and hundreds of similar cases, we know how to fight back against insurance companies that want to deny coverage. We’re passionate about helping locals get the assistance they need after any injuries.