The expense of upkeeping a car in Louisiana is high enough without drivers also having to dish out extra funds on repairs and replacements. Unfortunately, many drivers find themselves having to pay for car repairs injuries due to the poor road conditions in Louisiana.

Car Accidents Caused by Road Conditions in Louisiana

According to a report issued by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Louisiana has the worst roads in the country. According to the organization’s report, the average driver in Louisiana spends nearly $2,500 a year to drive a car due to the damage sustained by driving on these roads. The streets are riddled with potholes and shoulder drop-offs, so it’s no wonder that drivers are experiencing maintenance issues.

To top it all off, Louisiana drivers also have to deal with construction zones that block off certain areas of the road and cause general confusion, all of which contributes to greater road hazards that could lead to accidents. Accidents are not only costly to car owners because of the damage done to their vehicles, but they are dangerous as well. Drivers run the risk of injury or even death when they get involved in car accidents due to road hazards.

Car Accident Liability in Louisiana

When car accidents do occur, it may not be the drivers’ fault. If accidents are attributed to road hazards, then the state government is responsible for the adverse conditions, therefore making the state liable for the accident. After all, it is the government’s job to maintain the roads for public safety. If someone is involved in a car accident that was caused by a pothole or other road condition, then the government could be held accountable in a court of law.

Some of the conditions that must be met to hold the government accountable for deplorable road conditions include the following:

  • The road condition was one that the government knew about or should have known about
  • The condition was one that the government failed to repair even though they knew about it
  • The government did not fix the condition within a reasonable amount of time

If a driver is involved in an accident that meets the above conditions, then he or she might have a valid claim against the government. Of course, drivers will need to be as concise as possible when filing claims against a government entity. They’ll need to provide as many details as possible, such as where the incident occurred, at what time of day, the other conditions like their direction of travel and so on.

Filing a claim against a government entity can be intimidating. The best thing to do before your claim is the hire an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney. These lawyers can help you document your claim, build a case, and seek the compensation you deserve.

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