Spring weather brings the temptation to take your family out for some fun activities, but this season can also be a time of greater danger for those who venture out onto the roads and highways of Louisiana. Studies show that car accidents increase 10% in spring months and for various reasons.

The Hazards of Spring Driving

The cold temperatures of winter can leave roads in a state of disrepair, with cracks and potholes appearing out of nowhere. Poor road conditions can be exacerbated by heavy rains during the Spring, in addition to rain itself being a major hazard.

According to one federal study, rain is a factor in nearly half of the traffic accidents that occur in the United States. Wet pavement, whether or not it is related to rain, is a factor in nearly three-quarters of the recorded traffic crashes.

Heavy rain can also produce flooding that can sweep vehicles off the road. Rain makes the pavement slippery, hampering the ability of drivers to maintain control of their vehicles and to bring them to a safe halt. Spring thunderstorms can produce hail that can damage windshields and winds that can blow debris onto the roadway.

Spring also marks the time that wild animals come out of hibernation and become active, often standing on or crossing roads in total ignorance of the risks they face. Spring also brings out more humans, who can be spotted walking, running, or riding bicycles, along or across the road.

Tips for Driving Safely in the Spring

Driving in heavy rain will require the use of headlights, which should be checked to make sure they are operating properly. Windshield wipers that may not have seen much use during the winter months should also be examined to ensure that they can handle spring downpours. Additionally, it will be necessary to check a vehicle’s tire air pressure, which can sometimes be lost in cold winter weather.

In terms of personal driving habits, motorists should watch their speed after it rains. Remember, rain can loosen oil deposits and make the pavement as slippery as the water itself. Drivers should also watch for flooded potholes that are deeper than they appear. Some animals are more active during the hours of dawn and dusk when the levels of light are naturally lower.

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