The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that driver distraction is the cause of 25-30% of all roadway accidents in the U.S every year.

One of the most underestimated and common types of driver distraction involves using navigation and GPS systems. While it’s just one of many potential distractions, there’s a clear link between GPS usage and distracted driver auto accidents.

Disabling Voice and Inputting Commands

According to the NHTS, the level of driver distraction increases when drivers don’t use voice commands. Without voice commands, more time is spent looking at the screen and rather than the road. Devoting some time inputting information into a GPS device can be just as distracting as texting while driving. To avoid accidents, put in your destination and preferred routes before you drive.

Researchers have already identified a clear statistical link between car collisions and GPS devices, indicating that many drivers rely heavily on this technology to reach their destinations. When the maps are out-of-date or do not accurately reflect detours or construction zones, motorists can become confused while driving their vehicle on the roadway.

Overconfidence in GPS Technology

The more confidence drivers have in their GPS, the less likely they are to notice something wrong in plain view. GPS devices can send drivers onto unsafe roadways that are unpaved, private or are potential hazards. There have already been severe accidents resulting from GPS devices sending drivers onto train tracks instead of the proper roadways.

Improper GPS usage often causes property damage, which is destructive to the whole community. Rescuers have had to save drivers from cliff-edge paths after their GPS device let them in the wrong direction. Satellite navigation systems have been responsible for inundating small towns with sudden surges of traffic based on ill-conceived directions.

Understanding the Automation Paradox

James Bessen at The Atlantic describes an automation paradox that results in disaster erupting from an over-reliance on technology that’s designed to reduce human error. Experts say the risk of potential danger exists when people become complacent or begin trusting technology and automation more than their own judgment.

Using GPS is a routine for many people, it’s just essential for drivers not to forget they are the source of their distraction. Eliminate your distractions on the road by keeping your GPS device updated, set-up preferred routes, and enter all information before you’re on the way to stay safe!

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