In the state of Louisiana, especially around the major city of New Orleans, car accidents are extremely common. Every day, numerous car accidents occur and the people involved are left to deal with the aftermath. In addition to filling a typical insurance claim, many car accidents require extra attention to ensure you do not suffer long-term.

Car accidents are often violent. They can completely wreck a vehicle and inflict injuries that lead to a terminal condition, possibly preventing an individual from ever returning to work. If this can result from a car-to-car collision, imagine what could happen when a fully-loaded 18-wheeler collides with a passenger vehicle?

If you’ve been involved in a large truck accident, trust the New Orleans truck accident attorneys at E. Orum Young Law Offices to help you secure fair compensation for your injuries.

Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Operating a commercial vehicle is nothing like driving a passenger vehicle. It’s for this reason that truck drivers must secure a special driver’s license before they can get behind the wheel. With this license, truckers pledge to operate their vehicles within the restraints of the law and regulations set by their employer. Those who fail to do so are most likely to become involved in a commercial truck accident. Common causes of truck accidents in New Orleans include:

  • Switching lanes without indicating
  • Driving for longer than the legally allowed time
  • Driving drowsy
  • Traveling in the middle or far left lane
  • Performing improper turns
  • Not securing the truckload
  • Overloading the truck bed
  • Improper vehicle maintenance

Vehicular damage is to be expected from truck accidents, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Bodily injuries are often more severe and require extensive medical attention. Truck accidents are known to cause lacerations, sprains, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and much more. As you recover from your injuries, you must also source the funds needed to afford everyday expenses as well as medical bills that pile up. A New Orleans truck accident attorney can serve as your legal representation and help bring the guilty party to justice.

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Compensation for Truck Accident Expenses

Victims of truck accidents commonly seek compensation for their medical expenses and vehicle repairs. However, there are additional accident-related expenses that often go unclaimed because victims fail to recognize them within the statute of limitations. These common expenses include:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Ongoing rehabilitation and medical care
  • Medical equipment
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Over time, these costs add up and can wreak havoc on a household’s finances. In the end, many truck accident victims who fail to seek compensation for the costs associated with the accident end up filing for bankruptcy or losing their financial stability. With the help of a trusted lawyer, however, that doesn’t have to happen.

How Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help?

A lawyer who is experienced in accident-related cases can help victims of truck accidents financially recover from the expenses they incurred after the accident. They will work hard to gather evidence surrounding the accident and create a case to win the victim the compensation they deserve.

Many people hire attorneys to handle their truck accident case because they are able to:

  • File legal paperwork
  • Manage insurance processes
  • Maintain communication with the liable party
  • Settle cases prior to a court appearance
  • Schedule court dates if necessary

The best course of action is to hire an attorney as soon as possible following an accident. The sooner an attorney is able to assist, the more likely you are to receive the compensation you deserve.

Local New Orleans Truck Accident Attorneys

On the major highways of New Orleans, truck accidents are extremely common. If you’re the victim of a truck-related accident in the Big Easy, there is no better time than now to contact a law firm you can trust. In New Orleans, that law firm is E. Orum Young Law.

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