It is vital that individuals involved in an automobile accident get a physical examination to make sure they haven’t sustained whiplash injuries. A whiplash injury is the most common type of neck and back injury that happens during a car accident. An individual might not feel immediate pain after an accident, as it can take a whiplash several days or months to surface. If an individual waits to seek treatment until after the symptoms of whiplash surface, there is a chance that permanent damage has occurred.

How do Whiplash Injuries Develop?

The overall trauma, direction of impact, and speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident are all factors that contribute to the severity of the injury. Here are some common symptoms of whiplash injuries:

  • Neck Pain – Whiplash can cause pain to radiate between the shoulder blades that travel to the head and down the back. When an individual suffers from whiplash in his or her neck area, it will affect all of the ligaments, tissues, and nerves in the neck. Also, disc herniation can also cause pain in the neck area. For most victims, stiffness and limited range of motion may surface within the first couple of weeks following the accident.
  • Brain Injury – Whiplash injuries can cause mild brain injuries, which occur because the brain is thrashed forward and backward. As a result, individuals could suffer from bruising or bleeding of the brain. The symptoms can be moderate and include irritability, insomnia, depression, confusion, and loss of memory.
  • Back Pain – It is also common to feel pain in the lower back because of whiplash. This type of injury typically occurs during rear-end collisions.

If you start to feel pain days after an auto accident, go back to the doctor. THe or she may suggest pain medication or physical therapists that can help. After that, contact a personal injury attorney to help you start your legal process.  

The Problem with Insurance Companies and Whiplash Claims

Insurance companies are for-profit, which is why many are known to reject personal injury claims. Insurance companies don’t care about injured victims during the review process. The primary concern for insurance companies is to limit the amount they will have to pay to an injured victim.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to prove a whiplash injury, and individuals report that insurance companies often deny whiplash claims. If individuals don’t have an attorney by their side, they may end up settling for an amount that doesn’t provide adequate compensation for damages.

Have You Suffered from a Whiplash Injury?

If you are suffering from a whiplash injury because of an automobile accident, it is vital to seek proper medical attention and contact a personal injury attorney. Be sure to save all medical reports, collect information from eyewitnesses, and document your injuries.

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