A traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens when there’s any hit to the head. When most people think about TBI, they think about football players or boxers suffering from continuous blows. A TBI can happen at any time though, even from what seems like a minor smack. Most people get a TBI after a motor vehicle accident, especially if they’re on a motorcycle.

When a person has suffered a TBI, the fault of the injury may be with another person. In this case, the injured party may need to pursue legal action to obtain monetary compensation for the damage. The amount of compensation that an aggrieved party may receive will vary depending on a number of factors.

Severity of Injury

A person who receives a relatively minor TBI that heals in a short amount of time can expect to be compensated for his or her medical treatment, lost work time, and other direct expenses. Those who need more extensive care can expect to receive more in damages due to the severity of the injury. If a brain injury results in loss of future work, extreme changes in lifestyle, and requires future extensive medical care (like physical therapy or a caretaker), an individual can expect a higher payout. Families that have lost someone to a TBI can receive a settlement as well.

Prognosis for the Injury

The scariest part of a TBI is that the injury can have lifelong consequences. From recurrent headaches and dizziness to memory loss and reduced mental capacity, those who suffered a TBI may never fully recover. The worse a person’s prognosis is, the higher his or her injury award will be. The court will consider the care that a person needs now and will need in the future as well as any lost mental functioning.

Age of the Injured Person

A young person who receives a TBI can expect to need medical treatment and living assistance for a more extended period than an older person. As a younger person will need more care, a younger person will generally receive a more substantial settlement than an older one will. Those who have children may also be able to obtain more compensation to care for the children until they reach adulthood.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

In Louisiana, you must file any injury claims within one year of the date of the accident. For a person who receives injuries, it is essential to act quickly to protect his or her rights. An experienced attorney can help the injured party to determine the proper action to take to obtain what he or she is owed. Call the law offices of E. Orum Young at 318-450-6453, or schedule a free case consultation with us. With years of experience specializing in personal injury law, our attorneys are ready to take on your case.