Crashes involving multiple vehicles can be particularly harmful to those involved and, afterward, can hamper any litigation that stems from the accident. The victims of such crashes may need financial compensation, but they should first consider seeking the services of a car accident attorney.

How Multi-Vehicle Accidents Can Occur

These types of accidents usually occur on congested roads or highways where the traffic moves faster. Speeding is a common cause of accidents, with a high-speed impact often hurtling other cars into each other. Lousy weather is present in many chain-reaction crashes, with drivers often not reducing their speeds in dense fog or icy conditions and slamming into the cars ahead of them. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or engaging in distracted driving may lose control of their cars and smash into other vehicles.

Determining Responsibility in Traffic Crashes

Figuring out who is responsible may not be easy when multiple vehicles are involved. The actions of one driver could have initiated the accident sequence, but the reactions of other motorists could have contributed to the final result. In some cases, a mechanical defect may have been an underlying factor, which means that the ultimate responsibility falls on the manufacturer or maintenance facility. Determining who is responsible and thus liable for damages will involve a careful review of evidence by insurance adjusters and investigators employed by the law firms participating in the case.

Seeking Payments for Damages

Louisiana employs a system of comparative negligence that may come into use in multi-vehicle accidents. Under this law, motorists who are deemed to be at least partially responsible for a crash will be liable for the same degree of damages. A driver who was 30 percent responsible would thus be liable for 30 percent of the total costs incurred in the accident. This rule also extends to liability for any personal injuries that may have resulted from a crash.

Seeking Financial Compensation

Compensation may be requested to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other costs related to the accident. Since Louisiana is a “fault” state, however, damages must be sought from the insurance company representing the responsible party or parties. Alternatively, victims may pursue legal action against those considered responsible. It is in such cases that victims will require proper legal representation for their claim, the type that can be provided by a car accident attorney.

Automobile accidents, especially those including multiple vehicles, can be terrifying. Your best option after an accident is to immediately pursue legal counsel in order to protect yourself and receive the compensation that you deserve.

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