Dashboard cameras, commonly referred to as dashcams, are a popular car accessory that many people can’t wait to optimize. The recorded footage can be used for everything from for personal creative projects to it being merely a surveillance mechanism. The footage captured by the camera can also be helpful in the event of a car accident as it can record the events before, during, and after the collision. As convenient as dashcams may be, their legality varies by state, which raises the question, are dashboard cameras legal in Louisiana?

The short answer is no, but this is not simply because state legislators are resisting modern technology. A vast majority of states outlaw dashcams as a result of the two major issues they present.

The Obstructed View Issue

Although they are labeled “dashboard cameras,” few — if any — are designed to be mounted on actual dashboards. Instead, these cameras are constructed with suction cups to attach to your windshield. This seemingly insignificant modification has ignited the discussion of visibility while driving. Many jurisdictions have laws in place regarding the amount of space on your windshield that can be taken up by a device like a dashcam or GPS.

Regulations generally restrict the devices from obstructing more than a five-inch square on the driver’s side and a seven-inch square on the passenger’s side. There are, of course, tighter restrictions in particular states that allow these cameras but it all boils down to drivers being able to operate their vehicles safely.

The Surveillance Issue

The next consideration deals with surveillance. The cameras may only record footage of events occurring outside of the vehicle, but many are equipped with microphones as well. Federal laws prohibit the audio or video recording of another person without his or her knowledge. Owners of dashboard cameras in states where they are legal must pay close attention to this provision. If people enter your vehicle — may they be personal guests or consumers of a rideshare service — they must be aware that your mic is recording. To avoid having to disclose such information, simply turn off the microphone.

While a handful of states may allow dashboard cameras, Louisiana does not, and drivers who are caught with them must face the associated penalties. If you believe the illegal dashboard camera of another driver played a role in your car accident, reach out to an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney.

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